D. Dowd Muska



News & Commentary


Paleolibertarianism's HQ on the web. Check out Lew's terrific blog, too.



The best source for international news and criticism of the military-industrial complex.


Robert J. Samuelson

No free-market purist, but an insightful columnist nonetheless.


Patrick J. Buchanan

Pat's dead wrong on trade and a bit off on immigration, but there's no finer analyst of foreign policy and the domestic political scene.


Justin Raimondo

The War Party's worst enemy.


Think Tanks

Tax Foundation

The nation's finest source for tax data.


Cato Institute

Great stuff -- for Beltway libertarians, that is.


Ludwig von Mises Institute

Keepers of the Austrian-economics flame.


Reason Foundation

Particularly good for privatization resources.


National Center for Policy Analysis

A storehouse of policy data. Its daily e-bulletin is terrific.


Independent Institute

An underrated libertarian think tank.


Capital Research Center

Provides useful information about the Big Government bias of the "nonprofit" community.


Pacific Research Institute

California focused, but its research is applicable elsewhere.


Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Michigan focused, but does solid work, especially on state-level corporate welfare.


Center for Competitive Politics

A badly needed organization working to combat the scourge of McCain-Feingold and its ugly progeny.


Institute for Energy Research

The only research organization working for sane energy policies.


Space Frontier Foundation

Space is a place, not a government program.


Activist Groups

Americans for Tax Reform

Grover Norquist's group, which works to shrink government "to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."


National Taxpayers Union

Its congressional scores are essential. (Notice how many GOPers perform poorly.)



"FreedomWorks members know that government goes to those who show up."


Americans for Prosperity

Another evil, Koch-brothers-funded activist group working against women, minorities, and the poor.


Fun Stuff

Toyota FJ Cruiser

It's what I drive. Eco-weenies, go pound sand!



Funniest. Site. Ever.


The Onion

The videos are even better than the "news" articles.



My Stuff Bags

Helping abused and neglected kids.



Catholicism's greatest apologist in a millennium or so -- I never miss his broadcasts on EWTN.


Joel Osteen Ministries

Hokey, sure, but if the Texas preacher with the perpetual smile doesn't make you feel grateful to be alive, something's wrong with you.


Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue

Help for abused, abandoned, and neglected goldens.