D. Dowd Muska


About Dowd

D. Dowd Muska is a researcher, writer, editor, and commentator. His focus is the nexus of fiscal policy, economic development, and technology.

Raised on an orchard in the Connecticut River Valley, Dowd loved liberty from an early age. Growing up in the Era of Reagan, Dowd was heavily influenced by both the Gipper and a bureaucrat-hating father who seldom had praise for “public servants.”

At 18, Dowd went off to D.C. to study government at The George Washington University. A career with the national Republican Party was the goal, but the more he saw of it, the less Dowd wanted to do with the GOP. Besides, his neoconnish weltanschauung was giving way to old-school libertarianism, and by graduation time, Potomac Fever had given way to Potomac Disgust.

Dowd went westward after D.C., first to New Mexico and then to Nevada. At 27, he returned to his home state for what was to be a brief stay. In April 2004, Dowd became an uncle, and spent much of the next decade caring for his healthy, happy, and off-the-scale-IQ nephew. He returned to New Mexico at the end of 2014.

He can be reached at dowd@dowdmuska.com. Follow him on Twitter @DowdMuska.