D. Dowd Muska

2014 Column Archive

December 25 New Year, New Taxes, Same Denial
December 18 The Year in Public Opinion
December 11 State and Local Retirement: Same Old Horror Story
December 04 Taking a Pass on the European Dream
November 27 Wind Power: Picking a Loser
November 20 A Field Guide to NASA Incompetence
November 13 Another Trip to the DOE’s Mountain of Waste?
November 06 When Voters Say No to Moonbats
October 30 Scrap the MFA -- Keep the ITFA
October 23 The Grand Old Entitlement Party
October 16 Big Education’s Latest Job-Protection Racket
October 09 Enhancing America’s Petroleum Boom
October 02 Falling for the New Terrorism Hype
September 25 Foreigners Avoid Blue States, Too
September 18 Dick Fell, Dutch Rose, and America Got Nutty
September 11 Another Clinton Administration? It Depends…
September 04 Schools and Spending: The Lie Must Die
August 28 The Crisis of the Underworked American
August 21 Energy: Perfect & Nonexistent vs. Good & Real
August 14 How to Lie with Statistics on ‘Income Inequality’
August 07 Is Big Government the Key to State Prosperity?
July 31 Make Space Less Public, More Private
July 24 50 Years Ago, LBJ Lied, and Millions Died
July 17 The Cartel That Time Forgot
July 10 A White Elephant in the Wild Blue Yonder
July 03 Who’s Afraid of LNG Exports?
June 26 Ask a Veteran About Single-Payer Healthcare
June 19 A Space-Based Feminist Morality Play
June 12 Free Trade: Obama’s Overlooked Opportunity
June 05 Heroin Replaces Pills, and the ‘War’ Goes On
May 29 How Educrats Fleeced East Windsor
May 22 Real Energy vs. Greens’ Subsidized Fantasies
May 15 State Governments Do More Than Tax
May 08 Wisdom from a Graduate of Hard Knocks U.
May 01 The Bipartisan Plan for Stagnant Compensation
April 24 No Employer-Employee Interaction Left Unregulated
April 17 Clueless and Craven, ‘Poppy’ Gets an Award
April 10 Obstacles in the Path to a Moonbat Nation
April 03 A ‘Defense Intellectual’ and His Policy Pratfalls
March 27 Drama Queenery as Homeland Security
March 20 Bureaucrats’ Golden Years Gold
March 13 Was It Latinos Who Broke America?
March 06 The EPA Doesn’t Know When to Quit
February 27 Don’t Know Much About History. Or Civics. Or Science…
February 20 Moonbats’ Faith-Based Transportation Policy
February 13 Budget Commissions: An Autopsy
February 06 A Clear-Cut Prospect for Economic Growth
January 30 Sex Trafficking’s Ignored Remedy
January 23 Barack Obama, Savior of Medicare?
January 16 The Farm Bill’s Harvest of Shame
January 09 School Choice: A Reason for Optimism
January 02 The Year in State and Local Corporatism